Wish To Attract More Social Media Traffic? Follow These 5 Conversion Tricks

Nowadays social media is the top source of all website referral traffic and businesses, whether big or small, are actively investing in this segment to boost their brand as well as sales. Online users are growing in number by the day and people spend a substantial amount of time on social media websites. So, it totally makes sense to widen the horizons by tapping on the still untapped market. However, if you are in a business that people don’t come to social media looking for, then you need to act smart and change your social media marketing strategy to make most of the opportunity. Here’s a strategy that you can use to drive more incoming traffic from social media.

Focus On Your Repeat Customers

Every business’s key aim is to focus on getting new customers; however, what they underestimate is the possibility of re-engaging their previous customers. Various studies have shown that it’s cheaper to retain existing customers, rather than putting resources to bring new customers. This is because businesses have a much higher rate selling to repeat customers while the chance of selling to new customers is quite less. So, if you are planning on increase your sales and getting more traffic to your social media accounts, make sure your SMM aims at retargeting previous customers.

Make Most Out Of Seasonal Content

Revitalizing your social media campaign with seasonal content marketing is one of the best and effective ways to stand out from the competition, plus, to attract more traffic. With every new season on its way, people are interested in taking some kind of action even if they aren’t planning to act. Small businesses can especially benefit from it as seasonal content drives interest. So start reviewing seasonal trends and figure out when the interest starts to peak, in order to make most out of it.

Diversify With CTAs

On social media, it is not so easy to persuade someone to download your free guide or join a free webinar on Facebook or other social media channels. You have to rekindle their interest and engage them, only then they will be inclined to do what you want. The best way to do that is to get started with your CTA wording. Try to write conversion-oriented content, as that helps people to answer important questions and gives them one simple action to do. Also, make use of visual content for your on-page CTAs to attract more people.

Automate Conversations With Chatbots

Chatbots are the preferred communication style for a lot of small businesses as they provide instant customer service, advertising, and product recommendation. It is also vital in today’s competitive modern business world and a great way to benefit from the AI trend and improve the lives of your potential customers. You can use such tools to engage your audience on social media with Facebook Messenger chatbots. It is easy to build and can prove amazing in attracting more traffic to your account.

Create Shareable Assets

It’s important to represent your business in the best light, whether you want to drive social media traffic or promote your social media advertising campaign. However, there is one vital thing that must be done and that is, don’t try to sell right away. Doing this will chase them away. You must aim at engaging and building their interest first. So, create an informative tutorial or guide, describing a real user problem and developing a paid solution. You can also run a free webinar or online course to generate interest so that they take action.